Unfortunately there is a very negative perception of birth these days. It is shown as a traumatic and medical event through film and television and many women enjoy sharing horror stories with others. However, 96% of women do NOT actually need any assistance during birth. Induction is unnecessary, as are the majority of instrumental births. This is becoming a much wider spread subject now among midwives and obstetricians and positive information is replacing the medicalised information. 

There is far to go but as knowledge spreads, childbirth will again be viewed as the most natural process in the world rather than something to be feared.

If you fall under any of these categories, hypnobirthing is the best choice for you....

  • I am scared of giving birth

  • I have already had a traumatic birth experience

  • My choices were ignored in my last pregnancy

  • I want to have a natural birth

  • I want to give birth at home

  • I'm classed as a 'high risk' pregnancy

  • I feel stressed about my pregnancy and labour

  • I don't want to be examined or monitored

  • I don't want to be induced

  • I don't want instruments to be used to deliver my baby

  • I want my birth to be a positive and enjoyable experience